your family history is unique and priceless.

Let’s create artwork to match.

From personalized gallery walls for your home

and family portraits over the mantle

to custom curated legacy albums that will be handed down for generations,

we create artwork made to celebrate your family history.

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Wall Art

You have photos that you treasure, those gems of past or present family history that sit in boxes up in the attic or on a cd shuffled amongst long forgotten papers. It can be overwhelming to get those things up for all to see and appreciate on a daily basis.

Whether from Rooted Tapestry Session images or past family treasures, my joy is to make displaying these precious memories quick and easy for you by creating AND installing these beautiful wall art pieces in your home.


Your family’s history is unique, made up of varying chapters and pages that tell your individual story. Carefully curated to express and display family stories, Rooted Tapestry Heirloom Albums are simple and timeless, made to beautifully honor special memories and crafted to stand the test of time.

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heritage sessions & collections

custom curated with print in mind

Whether its a Heritage Session capturing sweet moments of your family from the present, or a Legacy Album telling the history of your parents love story, each experience with Rooted Tapestry is curated with the final artwork in mind.