We all crave a sense of belonging: a home, a family, a place that we can trust in and feel secure. A place where we can be ourselves. Though life this side of heaven is not perfect by any means, the blessing of being able to give a precious child a safe, loving home is incredible. We cannot heal hearts or take all the pain away. But we can love, we can care, we can, as much as humanly possible, provide a greenhouse for another human being to grow and hopefully flourish.

Since childhood, my heart leaned towards adoption. The concept that a fellow human being didn't have a family broke my heart and gave me tenderness towards those without. Over 25 years later I have been blessed to know many families who have gone through this process and have beautiful families that are unique and perfect.

A few years back, Clement Arts reached out for me to participate in their Fall Family Sessions where the cost of the Sessions goes directly to helping a family fund their adoption process. I was incredibly excited to be working with this ministry, to help a family in their pursuit of adopting. Unfortunately I got strep the day before the event and couldn't do it!

Since that Fall, I have seen up close the abundantly blessing this Ministry has been to friends of mine who finally finalized their adoption of their son this past month. Grateful for the ability to use my talents and skills, to help photograph their life at home, for their Adoption Profile Book.

When Clement Arts reached out to do a their first ever Spring Family Photo Day, I was ALL on board! Getting to photograph amazing families, and knowing that the money for the Sessions would go towards helping a family realize their dream of adoption is such a privilege. One day we will see a beautiful child in the arms of their adoptive parents, and know that we got to play a part, however big or small, in that process.

Two of my local FAV Adoption Ministries>>>

Clement Arts

"Celebrating the Gospel Through Arts & Orphan Care"

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Jeeahs Hope

" Our purpose is to be a voice for vulnerable children while encouraging and supporting families who are called to adopt, foster and care for children in need"

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