Since I first began photographing Lulie and her work at her studio two things consistently stuck out to me: Lulies genuine kindness AND her love for her family. As we’d set up her paintings or wallpaper swatches to be photographed, her littles were always interested in what mom was up to. The truly beautiful thing is how this curiosity was always encouraged and many times she included her daughters in the images we took and even some of their own artwork!

This encouragement of creativity along with her purposeful kindness very much shines brightly in my mind. We need more Lulie’s in my opinion, in a world where so many kids grow up in homes where their curiosity is squelched, and dreams are put down so easily. My heart breaks so often, when I see that beautiful potential in a child, so willing to rise up and be something great then to so quickly be extinguished by parents who themselves never felt the kind of love Lulie so graciously gives to those around her.

I pray for more Lulies, more parents who see that spark and fan that flame of possibility in their children. Who love them patiently ( not perfectly, because none of us are ) and give that beautiful grace that we each so desperately need.

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