The sound of little feet and voices on the floor above us couldn't be ignored while talking with Meg after their at home Reveal Session. Motherhood fascinates me. She spoke of her kids interests and their own perspectives developing as they grow older. She spoke on seeing their little personalities bloom and develop before her eyes and the need as a Mother to both nurture but also step back and let them grow into who THEY are supposed to be.

Ok, so yeah, I only get to see these little personalities within the confines of a 20-40 minute session, many times only meeting them for the first time. To me the most precious elements of these sessions are when the kids get to be kids. When they run, or gather dandelions, or hug their sibling until their tongue pops out!

I suppose, to me I almost see it as a form of therapy for the kids in the middle of what they'd typically consider to be a stifling boring photo session time. And that concept of that type of session breaks my heart. Yes, poses have their place but LIFE, LAUGHTER, SMILES, or honestly even the VERY REAL EMOTIONS of a pout or question... oh, they mean so much more.