Ok ya'll

As ya'll know, this year I decided to just go for it and do a Christmas Card Photo. I think many unmarried folk out there find themselves in the same position. When you don't have the hubby, the kids... why even try, we ask ourselves. Well, I'm truly grateful for friends who help me think CLEARLY and ignore that nonsense. I didn't expect trying to put together a Christmas Card last minute.

Even more so, I didn't expect the overwhelmingly positive response when I posted it. Over 2k people on my favorite Photography Group, Looks Like Film liked this image! Crazy!

With all the questions and hype over this image, I decided to give ya'll a little behind the scenes look at the making of this photo. So many people asked how I made it. My easy answer was cat toys and a whole lotta photoshop! And you know what, I loved every bit of it!

The more I thought about this final image, I thought about how much it takes to be an Artist, more specifically a Photographic Artist. It takes a vision, it takes carrying out that vision, it takes the skill and know-how to make that vision a final reality.

It takes TIME, it takes SKILL, it takes PATIENCE, it takes KNOW-HOW.

Something someone said about this image is that it reminded them of a Norman Rockwell painting. This is a HUGE compliment and a style I would love to strive for in regard to my portraits with you.

So, how about it?!?! Would YOU LOVE to have family portraits, couple portraits, or even pet portraits in this style? I would LOVE to create this piece of art WITH YOU!