One of the primary services of Rooted Tapestry Co. is providing my wonderful clients with Archival Museum Quality Prints.

Here are some helpful tips for making your precious heirlooms last for generations.

Caring for your Heirloom Prints

1) Keep your prints out of direct sunlight

When choosing a location for your print, consider a wall that is not in direct sunlight. UV light contains damaging rays that can shorten the life of your print!

2) Don't rub the prints

The beautiful texture of your prints makes it easy to want to feel it with your fingers. Just remember that oils from your fingers can affect the print and keep it from lasting as long as it could. When viewing your prints, hold them on their sides and always set them on clean surfaces.

3) Avoid heat and humidity

UV light, heat and humidity are the biggest factors in affecting the life of a print. Keeping your image in cooler dry locations can help preserve the aging process of your print and extend its life span. Try to avoid keeping your prints in hot, humid areas such as basements and attics.

4) Mat before framing

Having your print professionally matted prior to framing protects your image and helps keep it from touching the frame. Moisture from humidity many times forms within a frame, and if not matted, the print can then stick to the glass and tear if you do try to remove it.

5) UV Blocking Glass/Acrylic

One of the best ways to fight the damaging effects of light rays is to get UV blocking glass or acrylic, which can extend the life of your print.

6) Avoid Storing in Acidic Materials

We all have seen gorgeous old photos we love and cherish now don that yellow hue. Acid and environmental pollutants can cause your beautiful colored or black and white images to yellow over time. Storing them in acid free containers, specifically NOT wood boxes as they are naturally acidic ( in a cool, dry area ) can slow this process down and keep your photos as good as new as possible.

7) Use Vellum to Separate Prints in Storage

If you are storing your prints in a box, place a sheet of vellum in between each print to prevent scuffing.