This family. Over the past few years I've had the incredible blessing of photographing this sweet family. From the first Maternity session when the youngest was still in Mommas tummy, to now as the oldest is definitely growing out of the baby face phase.

Something I have always loved about these two is their quiet kindness and desire to help people. Even on the day of this session. Ya'll, I lost my car keys in this big old field towards the end of this session! Without a thought Hannah and Seth dove into looking for the keys with me. Scouring this big crazy field looking for a glimmer of a Nashville keychain. After what felt like at least 20 minutes and the sun setting we ended our search ( I finally DID find my keys the next day when the sun was high ). Afterwards they took it upon themselves to bring me home.

I suppose this is my perspective of a power couple. Over the years I've seen this quiet kindness exude itself in many ways. A desire to listen to others, a desire to love people where they are and help where they can't. A beautiful sweetness that speaks volumes of who they are and what they believe.