Ya'll are BUSY Momma's so no long preface here!

Here are some aspects to consider when planning your

Mother's Day Mini Outfits for you & baby!

think of the sleeves!

Many of your images with baby will be waist up, so consider first what kind of sleeves flatter your body, have a pop of flair and have colors that go well with your skin tone.

Puffed Sleeves, floral sleeves, lace sleeves, etc. are great to consider!

Here are some examples!

Nathalie Dress

Thea Tie Dye Dress

Doutzen Dress

Enter a Heading

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compliment one another!

With these things in mind, make sure to pick outfits that compliment one another! Have a color or pattern that YOU LOVE? Then great! Go for it! Just keep in mind how they go with one another.

be comfortable!

Last but not least! Be comfortable!

Are you more comfortable in jeans, or pants? Then go with that!

More comfortable in longer dresses than shorter ones? Then choose the longer!

Yes, its only 10 minutes but if you are feeling uncomfortable, it will show. So feel free to lean into your own cues of comfy-ness while picking YOUR outfit for your shoot!

** All clothing examples in this post are from lumilane and council studio **