Ya'll, Creative Community is SO incredibly important!

For years I've been going to the Looks Like Film website and fb group to gain new visual perspectives and creative inspiration. There are MANY photography groups and sites out there that provide homes to the images of beginner photographers who are learning manual, learning their style, etc., but rarely do you find a community that is FULL Photographic Artists whose standard of excellence naturally raises the bar for everyone who see's their work.

THIS is the kind of Creative Community we all need. A group of individuals who truly pursue their craft with purpose, with the desire to learn it well, know it well, and then with that knowledge, do amazingly FUN, TALENTED, and UNIQUE things with it!

So when I heard that my image was part of Looks Like Film's 2019 Best Portrait Photographers, I was truly grateful to be counted amongst such Artists.

For part of this blog post I want to share with you some of the fellow Best Portrait Photographers of 2019 ladies with you that continually inspire me with their gorgeous work!! Ya'll, GET TO KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS! They truly will enrich your creative live and push you towards crafting your own unique art!

Meg Loeks Photography


Life of Glow


Aga Andrews Photography


Angela Rethwisch Photography


Ker-Fox Photography


Holly Nicole Timekeeper


So, who do YOU go to for Creative Inspiration?

What websites, magazines, books, resources, etc. do you peruse that press YOU towards Creative excellence?

Another GREAT resource I go to is Click Magazine ( not affiliated with Looks Like Film I believe ).

Many of the crazily talented moms who are a part of this Looks Like Film Community also cross-over on Clickin Mom's and YA'LL, these ladies are TALENTED!!!!

For more inspiration from Looks Like Film Artists check out my Pinterest Board

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