Sometimes life affords you the blessing of being a fly on the wall to miraculous things.

This precious baby and the journey to his arrival is one of those.

For years my dear friends, Lauren & Jesse, prayed for a baby. Their desire to adopt was one they shared in their dating years and one they desired to be realized after their son Judah was born. They were happy, loved their little family and couldn't wait to see it grow through adoption!

As a friend, I used to babysit our little man, Judah, and see firsthand their loving-kindness in raising him. Their little house was filled to the brim with love and hope and a constant drive for learning.

When Lauren asked me to photograph their family for their Adoption Profile Book, I was ecstatic. This Adoption Profile Book is meant to be a little window into the adoptive parents lives, and hopefully give the expectant parents a good idea of who this adoptive family is. Their sweet home was the perfect location to give a little glimpse of what life would be like with this amazing family.

We did the Session. I cried while editing these photos. I hoped and prayed that the expectant parents would see how much love this family had to give to their precious child.

Fast forward many months and I get a brief text from Lauren, asking me to pray. After a few hopeful but unsuccessful attempts to adopt, a new little baby came onto the scene. For the sake of privacy, I won't go into detail. But ya'll, this precious baby boy is a miracle. I prayed, not fully knowing the situation but having a feeling that God was doing something we couldn't yet see.

This precious boy was born. He was healthy. His Mama loved him dearly. She saw the Woods profile book and knew, she knew, that this was the family she wanted her baby boy to go to.

I cried, she cried, they cried.

Adoption is hard. Adoption is painful. I can't pretend to understand the depth of pain, but also the depth of love that the birth mother had for her son in this situation. I can't pretend to understand the depth of pain and the depth of love that Lauren and Jesse had as they took him into their arms and into their lives, pledging to raise him with love.

This month he officially became theirs. This month they got to look at their son and know that he legally now shared their last name.

Word's can't even describe the depth of feeling that comes from these photos. Love, just love.

Adoption, Columbus Georgia, Atlanta Georgia

A big THANK YOU to both Clement Arts & Jeeahs Hope

for providing support financially, mentally, and emotionally throughout this process.

Two of my local FAV Adoption Ministries>>>

Clement Arts

"Celebrating the Gospel Through Arts & Orphan Care"

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Jeeahs Hope

" Our purpose is to be a voice for vulnerable children while encouraging and supporting families who are called to adopt, foster and care for children in need"

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