Heirloom Sessions

Miller Heirloom Session


This family. They are a part of my heart, truly. Knowing this sweet Momma and her family for the past 15 years ( truly can't believe its been 15 years already!) has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. So when I found out she was going to be back in town from Florida, we HAD TO do a session! The icing on the cake was putting Jenn in one of the beautiful pieces from my Client Closet! She looked stunningly elegant in this beautiful gold dress, just one of the many options available to my Heirloom Session Clients.

Ingvalson Heirloom Session


Grasshoppers and wide fields. Its sessions and places like this that have such a beautiful life to it. My desire on each session is to give kids room to be kids. Let them play. Let them run around, find grasshoppers and a flower or two. These years are so short, so why not have fun with it?!

Wood Adoption Profile Session


As an admirer of adoption, as well as friends to this wonderful family, being a part of this process for the Wood family was deeply personal. If only you knew this family. The love and intentionality of this couple is felt the second you step into the living room. Always learning, always listening, always loving.

The process of adoption can many times be long and full of emotions for everyone involved. As the birth mother looked through these images, she recounted how it made her feel confident of her choice of the Wood family. Words can't describe the gratitude this photographer feels to have been a part of this process.

Lulie Wallace - Artist and Textile Designer

Have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know this incredibly sweet artist and now call her friend. Sweet is a word that is used for Lulie but is very lacking in describing her generously kind sweet spirit. Her art is creative and fun and can be seen in stores such as Anthropologie, as well as lining walls and linens all over the country.

Larkin Lane Designs

Lark Champion, founder of Larkin Lane, partners with indigenous artisans from villages around the world. Marrying centuries-old craftsmanship with a chic modern aesthetic, we bring you fine handmade treasures from around the globe that will beautifully complement your style.

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